Hey! I am Dr. Wittig

I’ve made a career - and a life - out of saving limbs and giving people the full freedom of their bodies again. I’m incredibly passionate about what I do, and I hope I get to help you.

My Specialties

  • Extremity (arm/leg), Shoulder Girdle, Pelvic, Sacral and Spine Tumors
  • Primary Bone Tumors and Bone Sarcomas
  • Soft Tissue Tumors and Soft Tissue Sarcomas
  • Joint/Synovial Tumors (Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis, Chondromatosis)
  • Cryosurgery for Bone Tumors
  • Complex Reconstructive Bone and Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Metastatic Carcinomas or Melanoma affecting Bone or Soft Tissues
  • Percutaneous Radiofrequency Ablation of Osteoid Osteoma
  • Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Biopsy Techniques (CT Guided)
  • Studied Biology at Seton Hall 
  • Attended NYU Medical School
  • Completed Residency in Orthopaedic Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
  • Completed a two-year fellowship in Orthopedic Oncology at Washington Cancer Institute
Professional Practice
  • Chairman of Orthopedic Surgery at Morristown Medical Center
  • Medical Director, Orthopedics, Orthopedic Oncology and Sarcoma Surgery at Atlantic Health System
Professional Practice
  • Attended NYU Medical School
  • President of Alpha Omega Honor Society
  • Residency in Orthopaedic Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
  • Two-year fellowship in Orthopedic Oncology at Washington Cancer Institute
  • Sarcoma Foundation of America: 2018 Nobility in Science Award
  • Top 13th Orthopedic Oncologist in US: Orthopedics This Week
  • 3 Time Award Winner for American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) Excellent Research Publications

Dr. Wittig's Philosophy for Extraordinary "Individualized" Care

I am currently the Chairman of Orthopedics and Chief of Orthopedic Oncology and Sarcoma Surgery at Morristown Medical Center and Atlantic Health System. Myself and my amazing team are dedicated to saving your life and your limb. Losing a limb because of a tumor can be a terrifying experience. But, it does not have to be the only option. I’ve spent 20+ years as a orthopedic oncologists and sarcoma surgeon with extensive experience in limb sparing surgery along with advanced treatments including cryosurgery, radiofrequency ablation and minimally invasive biopsies.

I’ve devoted my career to helping children and adults afflicted with bone sarcomas, soft tissue sarcomas and other types of benign and cancerous musculoskeletal tumors by performing complex limb saving surgeries. Most patients can have their limb saved, which may require intricate and innovative surgical techniques.

Patients afflicted with musculoskeletal tumors have complex conditions that are often best taken care of at large hospitals with multidisciplinary teams. My philosophy revolves around a multidisciplinary team approach including members and opinions from adult medical oncology, pediatric oncology, radiation oncology, musculoskeletal radiology, advanced practitioners and therapists amongst other important healthcare team members, all working together to tailor treatment to individual patients. Education and research are heavily incorporated into my practice. I believe that patients are provided extraordinary care when research, education and a multidisciplinary team approach are incorporated into a very compassionate, empathetic, individualized and clinically productive orthopedic oncology practice. Because of this, we have some of the top results in the country!




Dr. Wittig Author of Operative Techniques in Orthopedic Surgical Oncology Textbook

This textbook is one of a kind teaching detailed surgical approaches for all types of complex limb sparing surgeries for bone sarcomas and soft tissue sarcomas as well as benign musculoskeletal tumors. 


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Dr. Wittig has researched and written extensively on orthopedic surgical oncology. As a co-author on the textbook "Operative Techniques in Orthopedic Surgical Oncology" he outlines the most common surgical techniques. This is one of the only textbooks to teach the indications and the detailed surgical steps of all the various types of limb sparing surgeries as well as the multitude of other orthopedic oncology and sarcoma surgeries. There are also chapters also focused on radiological and pathological diagnosis of the various types of musculoskeletal tumors. 

For Immediate Release (New York, NY) March 12, 2012 – Leading Orthopedic Oncologist James C. Wittig, MD, along with Martin Malawar, MD; and Jacob Bickels, MD, have co-authored Operative Techniques in Orthopedic Surgical Oncology, the third book in a series published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.  The 416-page volume documents and details the progress and innovations made in surgical techniques in the field of Orthopedic Oncology. The reference book is intended to be a handbook for Orthopedic Surgeons in all stages of their schooling and career and provides an ideal companion for those undertaking the complex care and treatment of patients afflicted with bone and soft tissue sarcomas as well as other types of benign musculoskeletal tumors.  

Operative Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgical Oncology provides full-color, step-by-step explanations of all operative procedures in orthopaedic oncology.   “We developed this book to provide orthopedic surgeons and other healthcare professionals a comprehensive guide on the surgical treatment for bone and soft tissue sarcomas," said Dr. Wittig. “The book includes an emphasis on limb sparing surgery, utilizing complex surgical techniques and the treatment of benign bone tumors and metastatic bone cancer. Not only is it a great primer for those uninitiated in the world of sarcoma surgery but also a detailed supplement for sarcoma surgeons looking to expand their expertise.” notes co-author James C. Wittig, MD, “this particular volume is unique in its simple presentations and visual format using colored illustrations and intraoperative photographs.” Focusing on the ‘mastery of operative techniques’ and providing a thorough explanation of how to select the best procedure, how to avoid complications, and what outcomes to expect are what makes this volume a true one-of-kind in the advanced field of orthopedic oncology.  “Collaborating with two leading surgeons in the field of Orthopedic Oncology was more than a dynamic opportunity, but a crossroads of talent and compassion as we were able to share our experiences, contemplate the research that was done together in the past and cherish the growth and development of a sub-specialty in orthopedics that has become a specialty in itself.”

Operative Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgical Oncology is published by Wolters Kluwer Lippincott Williams and Wilkins and available to purchase on Amazon.com.


What our patients say


My elderly father was diagnosed with a large tumor in his lower abdomen, above his hip. It was believed to be cancerous. Dr. Wittig and his staff met with my dad right away, put his fears at ease and scheduled surgery for as quickly as possible. The surgery was successful and we found out after post op testing that the tumor wasn't cancerous! Either way, it needed to come out and Dr. Wittig was a pro. My dad felt very comfortable in his care and appreciated the speed and priority Dr. Wittig gave him in light of his pain level and struggles with diabetes. Thank you Dr. Wittig and team.

November 2022


If you want a top notch team to deal with your orthopedic oncology issues, look no further. Dr. James Wittig and his staff are fantastic. From my first visit to my recovery, everyone was caring and professional. Whenever I called his office with a concern or question, someone would get back to me that same day. My surgery was scheduled fast and the entire experience was smooth. I felt like they really cared about me. I'm still healing but everything is looking great. Although my incision was about 12 inches long, it doesn't look that bad. I highly recommend Dr. James Wittig and his team.

November 2021