"Losing a limb
doesn’t have to be the only option!"

Dr. Wittig is a world renowned orthopedic oncologist and sarcoma surgeon. He has been named one of the TOP orthopedic oncologists in the United States as well as one of the BEST in the New York City Metropolitan area. He is passionate about saving the limbs and lives of patients' with bone sarcomas, soft tissue sarcomas, and other types of musculoskeletal tumors! Dr. Wittig maintains an extremely active clinical practice that focuses solely on providing extraordinary, compassionate and empathetic care for children and adults with a wide range of benign and cancerous musculoskeletal tumors in all areas of the body.

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We save limbs

When you’re told you’ll lose a limb due to a life threatening sarcoma or other type of musculoskeletal tumor, you’re in shock. Imagining life without an arm or leg is impossible to fathom. The distress and sorrow that you feel can be devastating. Losing a limb in the face of a life threatening cancer doesn’t just impact you, but it impacts your family, friends, your home, work and more. Dr. Wittig and his team are passionate about saving your limb and your life. 

What our patients say


“The level of care is nothing short of world class. My life and leg were spared in a way that leaves me humbled by the fact that so much that could have gone wrong, went absolutely perfectly.”


“If you want a top notch team to deal with your orthopedic oncology issues, look no further. Dr. Wittig and his staff are fantastic. From my first visit to my recovery, everyone was caring and professional.”


Hey! I am Dr. Wittig


I am currently the Chairman of Orthopedics and Chief of Orthopedic Oncology and Sarcoma Surgery at Morristown Medical Center and Atlantic Health System. Myself and my amazing team are dedicated to saving your life and your limb. Losing a limb because of a tumor can be a terrifying experience. But, it does not have to be the only option. I’ve spent 20+ years as an orthopedic oncologist and sarcoma surgeon with extensive experience in limb sparing surgery along with advanced treatments including cryosurgery, radiofrequency ablation and minimally invasive biopsies.

I’ve devoted my career to helping children and adults afflicted with bone sarcomas, soft tissue sarcomas and other types of benign and cancerous musculoskeletal tumors by performing complex limb saving surgeries. Most patients can have their limb saved, which may require intricate and innovative surgical techniques.

Patients afflicted with musculoskeletal tumors have complex conditions that are often best taken care of at large hospitals with multidisciplinary teams. My philosophy revolves around a multidisciplinary team approach including members and opinions from adult medical oncology, pediatric oncology, radiation oncology, musculoskeletal radiology, advanced practitioners and therapists amongst other important healthcare team members, all working together to tailor treatment to individual patients. Education and research are heavily incorporated into my practice. I believe that patients are provided extraordinary care when research, education and a multidisciplinary team approach are incorporated into a very compassionate, empathetic, individualized and clinically productive orthopedic oncology practice. Because of this, we have some of the top results in the country!

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